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TAIZHOU ZHONGLI CHEMICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.founded in 1993,presently is located on the developed linhai duqiao town medical industry park£¨xiaotian industry park£©,transportation,communication is very convenient.

The company presently has the fixed asset more than 30 million, workshop area more than 20 thousand square meters and the building area more than 18 thousand square meters,the technical force is abundant,,the manufacturing equipment is advanced,the post-sale service system is perect,and obtained one,two, three kinds of pressure vessel manufacture permit officially£¬the main product have(Special equipment) reaction equipment,,heat transfer equipment,Reservoir storage equipment,Parting device,Size air tank,vulcanizing boiler and filter post-processing equipment and so on.

In 1995 since according to client demand for the production of the first fishmeal equipment , continued in technology development and update, developmented one day (24 hours) processing fish 20-300 tons of various series of complete set of fish meal processing production line equipment, products was domestic user praise and welcomes, and export abroad market, currently company can according to customer requirements can provides affordable and export type fishmeal processing pepiline equipment, fishmeal processing equipment main has: Fish meal steaming machine,Chip fishmeal dryer,Pipecoi fish dryer,cooking machine,presser,Fishmeal cooler,Sifter,Fishmeal auger conveyer,concentrator and Deodorization tower and son.

The company specializes in resin and coating industries provides a variety of production equipment,major industry project: Epoxy resin, polyester resin,ABS resin, Silicone resin, flatting agent, optical brighteners, PU glue, Pore resin and paint and so on. The main production equipment: Reaction kettle,Dilution kettle,rectification column,slicing machine(steel belt),Removal of low molecular device,Water knockout drum
and receiving tank and so on.

The company depends on own many yearsengaged in the machine equipment of the professional development and production of the combination of the advanced technology and experience.have developed a series of new type of wear mobile belt production equipment and electric flat car equipment.

Belt production equipment including£ºcutting transmission belt machine, cutting machine,multi-mchine, V belt double drum cuttingmachine, V belt sander, short fiber film splicing machine,synchronous belt whole cylinder grinding back machine, Ribbed belt grinding machine, stripper, vulcanizer and so on. Electric flat car equipment: Battery plate carrier,Metallurgical mining transport vehicles.Products with advanced technology, the variety is complete, and the formation of specialized production pattern.

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